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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This & That #5

This:  The yarn I came home with from Michael's after work.  I couldn't say no to three amazing sales!  I saved five bucks off of these puppies.  ;)

That:  A few yummy snacks I brought home from work.  Belgian waffles and a White Gummi - the ultimate comfort food!

I'm sorry I've been so MIA lately!  School and work have been consuming my time.  But nevertheless, I feel rejuvinated.  I met with a counselor yesterday to confirm that I actually do have to take precalc, and after he cleared up my questions about transferring to UC Riverside after I graduate from the JC, I realized that finishing at the JC is actually within reach.  And it's never felt like that to me before.

When you enroll there after high school, everyone pretty much knows that you're not going to graduate in two years, because work and having a life get in the way.  So I kind of accepted that I'd be there 'for ever'.  But after thinking about it, and realizing that I will be eligible to graduate (and transfer to UCR sometime after) in December, a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders.  I love it!  I love finally having a concrete, tangible goal to work toward that is in my very near future.

I apologize for kind of ranting, but I'm so happy and excited about it!  Anyway, I'll find time tomorrow for a real post.  xx

currently listening to.... Heavy In Your Arms - Florence + The Machine

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