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Monday, October 29, 2012

Are you noreply-comment@blogger.com?

You read a really great post, leave a thoughtful comment, and then never hear back from the blogger.  

Has this happened to you?  No doubt it has to a handful of people, and they probably don't know why.  The default settings on Blogger are in your favor, in terms of privacy, and changing them can be  a nuisance, since the small things are sometimes hard to find.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about right now, and don't have the slightest clue what "noreply-commenter" means, then your settings are probably still in the default mode, and if you want to change them, follow these easy steps!

1.  In the upper right hand corner of your Blogger homepage is your username and picture; click on that.

2.  When the dialogue box opens, select "Blogger profile".

3.  From there, (again in the top right corner) click on "Edit profile".

4.  You should see a list, and if "Show my email address" is NOT checked, this is why all of your comments have gone unanswered.  Go ahead and check that baby off!  

If I get an email notification from "noreply-commenter", I automatically try to find their profile on Blogger, and then leave a reply comment on their blog, if they have one.  Sometimes their profile isn't visible to the public, and there's just no way for me to find a way to contact them; it's because the "Share my profile" box isn't checked.  So check off that option too if you'd like your profile (what you see in the picture above) to be visible.
Now, I know that there are some (you may be one of them for all I know) that value their online privacy, and I have nothing against that.  But if you've been wondering why all of your thoughtful comments have gone unanswered, it's probably because you're a noreply-commenter.  Hopefully it's not because all of the bloggers you're leaving comments for are meanies.  

Even if you think you're not a noreply-commenter, double check your settings anyway!  Better to be safe than sorry.  :)  I love being able to reply to those who comment on my blog posts, and it bums me out when I can't!  Hopefully this tip helped you out!   xx

{edit: be sure to save these new settings!  There is only one save button, and it is waayy at the bottom of the page}

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pinpricks of Light

top // modcloth   shorts & cardigan //  forever 21   boots //  macy's

I ordered this top a few weeks ago from Modcloth, and it just arrived last week!  I got an email from them saying the stock for this shirt was almost out, so what do I do?  Snatch one up, of course!  This is my first Peter Pan collared shirt, and it's so lovely.  I'm not quite sold on the way it hangs naturally on me, but when it's tucked in it's not so bad, so maybe I'll keep it.  Clothes always look so much better on a skinny little model, why is that?!

The SF Giants are in the middle of Game 4 of the World Series as I type this, and it's a nail-biting game!  Our boys have been dominating Detroit and not letting them score the last few games, so when the tigers hit two runs in the first few innings, it's a little worrisome... Hopefully they'll pull it off and sweep Detroit!  Who are you rooting for?   xx

currently listening to.. // Game 4 of the World Series 2012!

They'll tell you now, you're the lucky one

dress // pac sun   jacket // h&m   hat // claire's   moccasins // nine west   belt // forever 21   tights // payless

I think this may in fact be the first outfit I've shared where every single piece was bought at a different retailer.  Can't believe it!  That almost never happens.  I bought this dress and hat the other day on a mini shopping spree with my friend Emily, in anticipation of her half-week trip to Virginia yesterday.  I've seen dual-length dresses before online, but this is the first one I've owned and love it!  Especially with the vibrant flower print, it makes this dress so fun.

I apologize in advance, but this is to fill my cuteness quota for the day:  for our second date last weekend, Tyler and I went mini golfing at a local golf club, and, being clumsy, I tripped over my own feet as we walked between holes, and he said, "I'm just trying to make you fall head over heels."  It's corny but so cute!  Have you heard any excellent one-liners lately?   xx

currently listening to.. // Taylor Swift - The Lucky One

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sparkle in the Sun

top & shorts //  forever 21   boots //  madden girl   watch //  nordstrom

I wore this outfit into the city (SF) on Sunday for a Haight Street and Ghirardelli trip with a few friends, and the weather was so marvelous!  I didn't have to put on the sweater I'd brought with me until the sun went down.  For San Francisco, that is saying a lot.  

This top is rotating through my closet at an extremely high-frequency; I bought it at Forever 21 a week or two ago for three and a half dollars.  If that's not a deal, I don't know what is!  After this find, I will definitely be frequenting the clearance racks there more often.  I'm still a little sad that only the front is covered with sequins, but I love this shirt so much that it doesn't bother me too much.  Hope you're having a lovely day!   xx

PS.  Have you read my post about why Taylor Swift would be proud?  I'm still so excited!  & thank you guys  for all your kind words!  It's definitely going to make me a little less anxious come Friday night, knowing all of you are cheering for me.  :)

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Taylor Swift would be proud

You know that tradition where, if a boy and a girl meet, and they like each other, the boy is supposed to ask out the girl?  I thought it was a pretty good strategy, since (being a girl) it let me off the hook.  I have since thrown that system out the window.

So there's this guy.  He makes my coffee every morning at Starbucks before class.  Tall, dark, handsome.  It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I should just get up there and ask him out, while he handed over my cup of Joe.  It would be the first time I'd ever asked someone out.

Here's why Taylor Swift would be proud:

This morning, I was fearless.  With a capital F.  I'd already chickened out once last week, but by golly, this morning I summoned up enough guts for twenty seconds of insane courage and asked this boy out.  And he said yes.

I'm still pinching myself every few minutes.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Too close to love you

sweater & shorts //  forever 21  tights // payless  boots // madden girl

I'm sure you've probably noticed by now, that at least one of the pieces in every outfit post is from Forever 21!  I have to admit, the majority of my wardrobe bears their tag.  It's a bit of an obsession.  ;)  I'm also suuper obsessed with shorts and tights together!  Like, I wish I could use the heart-eyes emoticon to express how much I adore them.  Our warm weather is also officially fading away; the day I wore this outfit was our first 'cold' day of the season - I was chilly even in this sweater when I was outside!

It may sound kinda weird, but I've decided to start a series (of sorts) of self portraits with a focus on my hair.  I'm extremely attached to my hair, and it's also the most common form of expression, so I thought it was appropriate to make it a recurring theme.  Anyway a few of those pictures made it into this post, so that's why I mention it.

Lastly, here's some exciting news for the day: I've been summoned as a juror for an attempted murder case - it's a bit crazy!  The second round of jury selection begins next Thursday (the 18th) so we'll see if I actually get to be a part of the trial.  Some people completely dread jury duty, but since I used to want to be a prosecutor for high profile cases like this, I'm actually really excited for it.  We'll see!  Have you ever had any interesting cases for jury duty?   xx

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall obsession: Peter Pan Collar

I have to admit, I was a little adverse to this fashion trend at first.  The style just seemed so odd and child-like to me.  But then (as I became more fashion-aware) I started to realize that they are in fact a fabulous accessory and can be the focal point of your ensemble.  And with collars like these, how can you not love them?

Have you gotten into this trend?  Or are you still a little hesitant about it?   

For those who have, do you prefer the fabric collars or knit/crochet ones?  Would they be something worth adding to my Etsy shop?   xx

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Glimmer & Glitz

jacket, shirt, and shorts // forever 21   purse // ebay   tights // payless   boots // dsw

Let me preface this by saying it has been a really, really long week.  Yes, I am aware that it is only Wednesday..  It's been that long of a week.  :(  Midterms have been brutal, and they're not even half over for me yet..!  I've also been having a really rough time with personal things, so that's also why I've been so absent here on the blog.  I haven't even been up for outfit pictures!  Except for today.  But that's just because I love these tights so much.  :)

If you remember, last month I first showcased this purse, and promised it would make it into future outfit posts - well, here it is!  I still love this thing to death, even though it's starting to become a little rough around the edges from the miles I'm putting on it...!  Even though fall and winter are my least favorite seasons, I'm quite excited for fall weather and the fasions that come with it.  <3   xx

PS.  The fourth season of The Vampire Diaries premieres tomorrow (Thursday) night - is anyone else as excited as me??!

PPS. I didn't notice this until it was mentioned, but my belt isn't yellow like it appears; it's a similar color to my shorts, but really shiny! (You can kinda see it in the third to last picture)

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