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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Negative Nancy that lives in my head

Last week in my art class, we began our first project.  After a lot of useless talking, my teacher finally gave us some examples of what we would be creating, from past students.  She hung five or seven pieces on the wall for us to examine, and briefly talked about each.  Almost instantly, I thought, "There's no way I can pass this class.  I can't do that kind of art; it's way too good."  It was the second day of the first art class I'd ever taken, and already I was anticipating failing it.

After a few moments, I realized this line of thinking was wrong.  I thought to myself, "I can, and I will."  I realized that I needed to silence that little voice of doubt in my head, or else I would end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy, and actually fail the class.  To give myself credit, my first attempt at this project was actually awful.  Just like I thought it would be.  (see for yourself below!)

I scrapped that, though, and after staring at my new 6x6" square of construction paper, just started to  do.  I tried not to think about it, and created something that flowed together.  Once I shut the door on Nancy, I realized that I could actually make something cohesive and a real piece of art.  Breakthrough!

Does anyone else have a Nancy living in their head?  What do you do to control her?   xx

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Day in the Life (of a Guide Dog Puppy)

Today is my raiser's first day of school.  I think.  I just know she's taking me somewhere, maybe for all day.  She seems excited for whatever it is we're doing, so I don't mind going with her.  Before we go, she has to put on my head collar.  I hate that thing.  I try and get out of it, like every time she tries to put it on, but, of course, she wins, and I'm forced to wear it.  It's not that it's really tight, or hurts, it's just a nuisance to have on my face.  But, I suppose, it's better than having my neck pulled on all the time, from having the leash attached to my collar.  

Now that we're out the door, it's time to get in the car.  The thing is, I'm only four months old, so I can't exactly 'leap' into it.  I kind of get stuck once I'm halfway in.  My raiser helps me out though, and lifts my back paws into the car.  I like riding in cars, so the 30 minute drive to where we're going isn't too bad.  Mostly I like to rest my head on the seat and watch my raiser. She looks down at me from time to time, always with a smile on her face, and sometimes I get a head scratch out of it too.

Once we get to where we're going - I'm still not sure - she puts a bag over her shoulder and picks up my leash.  "Let's go," she tells me.  It's my command to jump out of the car, so we can get going!  We walk for a while, go up a few flights of stairs (that takes me a few minutes - I'm still getting used to them!) and eventually go into a room.  There are lots of people in this room, and a lot of furniture - I think my raiser calls them desks.  Not sure what that means though.  She sits down at one, and asks me to sit beside her.  I do her one better and flop down on the floor, and fall asleep pretty quickly.  Whatever these people are talking about is boring, and I'd rather nap.

After a while, she wakes me up; everyone is leaving, and she tugs on my leash because I'm still half asleep and trudging along behind her.  She stops to talk to someone (maybe someone running this odd gathering?), and I patiently wait next to her.  After that, we go back the way we came, and off in a new direction to another room.  This one is different - it has carpet.  The other room had tile, and it was so cold to sleep on!  This floor is so nice, and easy to snuggle up to - my favorite.  After my raiser settles down, she turns to the girl next to her and starts talking.  I don't understand anything she's saying, so I know it's not toward me.  I'm starting to doze off, when I hear my name: Omaha.  I pick up my head to listen for a command, but there is none.  My raiser was the one to say it, and I'm not sure why she's saying my name if she doesn't want my attention.  She's still talking to the girl next to her, so maybe it has something to do with that.

Eventually we get up to go again, and this time it's back to the car.  I do my best to get into it, but my raiser helps me the rest of the way again.  Once she gets in next to me, she smiles at me and gives my face a rub, and then all of a sudden, whoosh.  Cold air!  I don't know where it's coming from (somewhere near me on the floor), but it feels so nice, because this car is so hot.  I get comfortable on the floor under this lovely stream of air, and then the car begins to move.  We are headed home for the day.    xx

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Itsy Bitsy

romper, belt, & sunglasses //  forever 21  cardigan //  calvin klein

So here are my first real test pictures with my new macro lens!  I am  SO. HAPPY. that I finally have a lens that correctly autofocuses!  Like, those caps are the equivalent of me shrieking in happiness.  I'm that psyched about it.  These are also the first real pictures I have of what my new hair color looks like, other than looking at it from the bathroom mirror.  I have to be honest here, I'm really happy that the red/purpleish color I had before is gone.  Speaking of my hair, you have to forgive me a little for it looking like I just rolled off my pillow - I drove the 30 minutes home from class today with the windows down the whole way, so my polished look sort of went out the window (ha, ha, get it? Out the window?  Punny..)

Anyway, a word about this outfit.  I recently bought this romper off of a friend, who was cleaning out her closet, and today was the first time I styled it.  It's just a tad too short for my liking, but it was still fun and summery to wear.  Even though it was foggy and 65ยบ this morning when I had class, I'm determined to dress in summer clothes until it's no longer summer.  ;)  Also included my favorite pictures I took of Omaha and her mom Heloise tonight.  I know I'm killing you via jealousy with adorable puppy pictures, but I have bragging rights here people that need to be exercised!  ;)  I also have a fun post planned for tomorrow about having a puppy with me during my first week of school, so look out for that.   xx

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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Wish List - Back to School

I'm sitting in class as you're reading this - today's the first day back to school for me!  I truly can't believe summer is already over.. I'm so sad!  If you don't already know, I am starting my third (and final) year at my local junior college. So here is my Wish List in honor of returning to school. :)

Knitting //  I just love how chic this vest is - so simple and yet so elegant!

Food //  The classics never go out of style.  ;)

Art //  This watercolor is so cute!  I'm taking an art class this fall, but I don't think it will touch on watercolors though.

Style //  I can't get over how effortlessly gorgeous this outfit is!  I am very ashamed to say I have not gone back to school shopping yet...  The local college I lifeguarded for this summer hasn't sent me paychecks for my last six weeks yet!  :(

Anything essential on your back to school list this fall?  #1 on my list is a new handbag.  ;)   xx

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Perseid Meteor Shower 8/11

I know this post is so, so late from when I promised it, and I apologize!  This past week was my last of summer break, and on the two days I didn't spend working, I lounged on the couch all day knitting.  Call me lazy and a hermit, but it was much needed.  :)  I knit up a pair of gorgeous gloves, and I will be sharing pictures in a few days (with the new lens I got last week!  Finally I have one that works right).

None of the meteors made it into these pictures, but they're still pretty to look at.  In the shots with the moon, Jupiter is visible (the really bright star above and to the right of the moon), as well as the Pleiades (more commonly known as The Seven Sisters).  You can see them toward the top of the frame.  And if you're wondering, in the last picture, the stars appear as lines (even though the photo is in focus) because of the Earth's rotation around them.  Did anyone else sacrifice sleep for this amazing meteor shower?  I'll leave you with one of my favorite jokes: astronomy is looking up.  ;)  xx

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Knitting for Confidence #7

Well here we are, at the end of another Olympics!  I can't believe how fast those two and a half weeks flew by!  Were there any sports/events you watched religiously?  Swimming for me.  It was so bittersweet watching Michael Phelps' last Olympic race.  I practically cried!  It was the end of an amazing era; one that will be known for decades to come.

I'm also at the end of my first Ravelympics!  (I don't care what the Olympic Committee says - it will always be the Ravelympics to me; never the Ravellenic Games)  I am still in disbelief that I have finished my first real sweater!  I absolutely adore this one, and am already starting to think about sweater #2!  Although I only have one more week (one more week!) of summer left and am incredibly sad about it, I can't wait until fall when I can wear this sweater!  You can't tell from the pictures, but I was sweating bullets during this photoshoot; it's been blistering hot the last few weeks here.  It was torture knitting this heavy wool sweater in that kind of weather!

Did anyone catch the Perseid meteor shower last night?  I was out on my high school's soccer fields until 3:30 AM.  :)  I'll be sharing pictures from that adventure in the next few days!  xx

P.S.  Kudos if you noticed - my crazy purple rockstar hair is finally gone!  I decided I wanted a change and went brunette.  My hair's never been this dark before, so it'll be fun to have.  :)  Also: the tan line down my thighs is real - that's what happens when you sit in a chair in the sun all summer lifeguarding!  It's pretty impressive, no?  ;)

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Friday, August 10, 2012

{original source}

Just some soft Friday tunes for ya!  I apologize for this post being so late at night, but I've been busy all day with work and a few errands.  One of which involved going up to my school to exchange a painting brush I got the other day with one whose tip was actually attached..  Anyhow, I took the backroads up there and back since the highway is a mess in the afternoon, and on my way home I decided to be adventurous and explore a road that I pass every day on the highway, and always want to drive down, but never have a chance to do so!  I'm so glad I finally did.  I love the backroads, and these pictures are able to adequately explain why.  :)  All taken with my iPhone too!  ;)  I love that thing.  xx

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Saturday, August 04, 2012

A Peek at My Week (or two... eep!)

I feel so, so guilty for being silent for the last two weeks.  I've been working six days a week and spending the seventh day at puppy trainings, family gatherings, swim meets...  I had my first day off in something like a month on Thursday, so I spent the day finally relaxing with my Ravelympics project and some good movies.  But I suppose that's now politically incorrect, according to the Olympic Committee...  Ravellenic Games, as it's been changed to.  Is anyone else working on something for the Games?  I have my first real sweater on my needles, and only a sleeve and a half left to go.  I've been knitting like a mad woman since last Sunday when I cast on this project!  There's nothing like having a two week deadline for something that would normally take much longer...

Alright, so here are my highlights from the last two weeks!  From top to bottom:

-  I had dinner with my dad's family on a marina in the East Bay.  This was my view!
-  We got together with my mom's family at our house in Sonoma with semi-distant relatives.  We share great-great grandparents.
-  I puppysat Omaha for the day and took her to Starbucks with me for breakfast.  I was about to pull out of the parking lot when I looked down and saw this!  Doesn't get any cuter.  :)
-  Had delicious pizza with an old friend, and then he took me to my first baseball game: our local minor league team.  It was cheesy but so much fun!
-  We're currently puppysitting a five month old golden-lab cross from our puppy club for a few days.  He's a cutie, but such a handful.
-  Today's breakfast!  Leftover from when I closed the store up last night.  Our OJ is better than anything store bought.  :)
-  Watching the Fab Five capture the all-around gold medal for the US the other night while clacking away on my needles.

I hate to say it, but don't expect a post for probably another week or so.  The next one will probably be on my newly finished sweater!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, loves.  xx

P.S.  Just wanted to share that it's been exactly a year since Heloise came home to us - I can't believe how quickly time flies!

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