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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Knitting Inspiration - Every Day Items

     It seems that I'm feeling the urge to make a banner for every post I make...  I guess that's okay though, I seem to be just a little eager to check #6 (make more graphic art) off of my resolution list.  ;)

     Anywho, here are some lovely every day items for some inspiration (that happen to be knitted!).

     Is this not the most adorable idea ever?  Unfortunately my two-year-old yellow lab sheds way too much to ever want to knit anything for her - after a week, you wouldn't be able to even see the pattern!

     Pretty basic to be on my inspiration list, but I love gazing at mug warmers all the same.  So cozy, and, well... warm looking!

     These look like miniature bean bags to me, and as a kid who had a pretty amazing one growing up, I love them!  I imagine they'd also take up some empty floor space if you ever needed a bright pop of decoration.

     I've seen these before, but I'm still in love with them!  Just looking at them makes me want to wear bangles...

     This is a ridiculously cute idea.  For all those times I've scrambled around the house looking for ribbon - no more!  Especially because I have quite a large yarn stash....

     One word: ingenius.  I am in awe of the person who came up with this idea.  Definitely, definitely, definitely on my to-do list.  So in love.

     I have saved the best for last: the biggest knitting project I think I've ever seen.  My mouth essentially fell on the floor when I saw this.  I can't even imagine knitting such a huge rug!  It sure does look pretty though..

     Have a good rest of your weekend loves!

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  1. That yarn wrapping is just the prettiest thing I have seen in a while! Wow! I wish I had something to wrap right now!
    Thank you for leaving me such a nice comment on my outfit post today :) I really appreciate it!


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