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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A New Beginning

This is what I spent my evening last night doing - making my iPhone its very own case!  It is also my first ever design.  :D   I know it's small and un-complicated, but I'm excited nonetheless.  I'm planning on posting this on Etsy sometime today, and putting this pattern on something other than binder paper (e.g., a PDF) to put on Ravelry sometime in the near future.  Yay!  Maybe this means it's time to buy a 'design idea' notebook to carry with me?  :)

Today is an extremely lazy day (the fact that I'm making this post in bed is no doubt an indication of that!) and I have a feeling it will involve many, many stitches and perhaps the next season of Gossip Girl.  :)  I hope your Saturday is just as carefree!  xx

currently listening to.... I'm Taking You With Me - Relient K

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