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Monday, January 23, 2012


Wow, it's been four whole days since I last posted anything - sorry I've been so absent!  When I'm not in class or at work, I'm either sleeping, doing homework, or knitting.  It's only the second week of classes and life is crazy!  Already I'm starting to feel overwhelmed.  Since my hours at work rely on the good graces of Mother Nature, I haven't been working very much because of the storm that's been blowing through.  In order to make up for that, I've been knitting constantly the last few days for my Etsy shop, and here you can see the fruits of my work.  These are the three infinity scarves/cowls that I finished this weekend.  I started the fourth between classes this afternoon, which you can see down below.  I've had my eye on that herringbone stitch for ages, and I finally picked up some yarn that I felt suited it.  I can't wait to see how it comes out!

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday, and I'm giving her the jade scarf on the right - sshh! don't tell!
& you can find all of the Etsy listings for these scarves over on the right there, if you're interested in buying one.

On the agenda tonight is a smoothie and another 5+ hour precalc homework marathon....  Have I mentioned that I hate math?  I have a feeling I will be saying it many times to come during this semester..

If you're curious about this smoothie, it's made with orange juice, coconut-pineapple ice cream, strawberries, and blueberries - the closest Safeway has to offer to my current obsession at Jamba Juice: the Orange Berry Blitz.  I know the combination may have you a little skeptical, but trust me!  It's to die for.  Try it the next time you're at Jamba!  xx

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  1. those scarves are beautiful <3 I love the colors.

    Have an awesome week(:

    Carmila Ponycat


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