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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Summer Daze

Here are some pictures of my day!  And wow, what a day it was - upwards of 85º!  We haven't had that kind of weather since last July or so.  Such a good change of pace.  I went to the pet store this morning to get cat food and a new bed for my kitties, and came home and sat on a chaise lounge in the front yard for a few hours to tan!  I pulled out an old friend (The Truth About Forever) which I've read a million and one times, but that's why it's one of my fave books.  :)  I love books that you can read over and over and you never get tired of them!
Then later on in the afternoon I went with my mom to the reception of the memorial for her friend's husband.  I grew up with their kids, and see Janice (the friend) every few weeks when my mom hosts their book club meeting.  It was lovely, and I heard one of their sons wrote an amazing piece that he read at the memorial about his dad.  You can see my mom and I had sort of matching shoes!  Both adorable wedges.  :)  & today was the first time since September that I actually wore shorts!  I had been waiting until I got some color onto my legs before I ventured into the shorts/skits/dresses part of my wardrobe.  ;)
I also included some fun pictures that I took of my cat, Minx, this morning.  We had the sprinklers on for one of our gardens, and for ten or fifteen minutes she sat underneath the spray, completely soaking her coat, and drinking the water droplets that formed on the underside of the hose.  So adorable!  And absolutely breathtaking when she stepped into the sunlight - her coat shone literally just like Robert Pattinson's skin did in Twilight.  How was your Saturday afternoon?  xx
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  1. I'm glad to hear that it's been so warm there! I'm coming back to norcal in a few weeks for summer break, and I can't wait to get my tan on

    1. Unfortunately the weather is supposed to cool off after Sunday.. high 60s through the week, with rain on Wednesday and Thursday. :(


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