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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Pretty Things

Last night I celebrated my birthday with some of my dad's family!  As well as my uncle's birthday, hence the name on the cake - my name isn't secretly Bill!  ;)  It was very lovely to visit with them, as we typically only see them a few times a year.  And if your mouth is watering at the sight of the cake, it should be!  So delicious.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the lovely gifts I was given!  My cousins up north in Washington sent down a big box of yarn!  I'm so excited!  The best thing about having a hobby is that everyone knows what to give you when your birthday rolls around, and they know you'll love it!  :)

My aunt and uncle gave me this to-die-for watch.  I typically don't like small and delicate watches, but this one is just so adorable!  I really just can't stop exclaiming over it.  :D  Lastly - this is the yarn from Colorado that my mom gave to me, which I mentioned in the post I did on my birthday.  The blends of colors in these skeins are just so fabulous that I had to share them!  If only I had another pair of hands to knit all this yarn.... Think of the possibilities!  ;)  I'm off to continue my re-reading of The Hunger Games and finish up an Etsy order.  Have a lovely evening!  xx

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