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Friday, April 13, 2012

Knitting for Confidence #4

So, here is my latest endeavor.  A dual-color, brioche stitch cowl.  By far one of the most complicated stitches I've ever learned, hence it being a Knitting for Confidence post.  ;)  The first time I did it was a disaster, and after looking at all the completed projects of this pattern on Ravelry, I felt like I was literally the only one who just couldn't seem to get it right. 
But, I am not the kind of person to take no for an answer, so.  I took out my first attempt, and did a test run using only 60 stitches or so.  This time worked out perfect!  Want to know the secret?  Reading the entire pattern.  Yep, that's right - I hadn't read the second half of the pattern the first time around, and kept repeating the first two "prep" rows.  I know.  I still feel so stupid about it.  Anyhow, this time has turned out fabulously, minus the fact that it's taking forever to do.  Countless, countless hours, and less than six inches to show for it.  But, I suppose the upside is that this thing is going to be totally gorgeous when I'm done!  I can't wait.  :)

Also included the pictures of me as a change of pace - now you can see where the magic happens!  Tonight I'll be working on this endless project and watching the latest season of The Vampire Diaries - I'm so totally in love with Paul Wesley!  What's on your Friday night agenda? xx

PS.  Happy Friday the 13th!
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  1. Howwwww do you do that?? I just saw a brioche pattern the other day and was in awe. I have been wanting to learn how to read patterns and learn more knitting techniques but I don't have many resources. Yours is looking stunning. Can't wait to see the finished piece!

    1. I used The Purl Bee's pattern:
      The pattern for the cowl is way at the bottom of the page. It definitely requires a LOT of patience in following the confusing instructions, but so worth it! As they say, hard work pays off. :) If you try it out and have questions, feel free to ask me! :)

  2. I just stumbled across your blog via Hellocotton .. I'm new to the world of knitting (and enjoying every minute) so i'm happy to discover your knitting adventures! xx


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