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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week: Day 4 + Giveaway Winner!

A Knitter or Crocheter For All Seasons?
As spring is in the air in the northern hemisphere and those in the southern hemisphere start setting their sights for the arrival of winter, a lot of crocheters and knitters find that their crafting changes along with their wardrobe. Have a look through your finished projects and explain the seasonality of your craft to your readers. Do you make warm woollens the whole year through in preparation for the colder months, or do you live somewhere that never feels the chill and so invest your time in beautiful homewares and delicate lace items. How does your local seasonal weather affect your craft?

Looking through my inventory of finished projects (Ravelry link), the different seasons don't seem to affect the things I knit.  Of course, I tend to knit more thick scarves and such in the winter than in the summer, but I still do sometimes make warm and cozy things during the warmer months.  A perfect example:  last weekend we saw temps upwards of 85ยบ, and I was knitting a chunky wool infinity scarf!  This guy right down there.  ;)

Even throughout the winter time, I make a lot of berets, and light (as opposed to heavy/thick or chunky) fingerless gloves, as well as random accessories - things that I still end up using in the summertime.  

In short, the weather doesn't seem to affect my knitting.  Too  much, at least.  :)  And congratulations to Meg, the winner of my iPhone case giveaway!  I will be contacting you shortly about the details of your case.  :)  Thanks again to everyone who entered!  xx

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