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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Hello, October

     Isn't it nice to see you, again?
     Less sunlight... colder days... the oneset of rain.....

     Umm yeah, that would be a big no.  I think October is my least favorite month (except for Halloween!), and I dreaded watching the clock last night as it passed over midnight.  It's kind of a transition month: transition to fall, and to the rainy (winter) season, which I despise. November isn't so bad; it's just this month, after we've had a nice long summer - it's hard to say goodbye to that for another eight months.

     Oh well, though.  Not a whole lot I can do to stop time, so.

     Anyway, this is just an update on my Christmas List.  The first project I'm tackling is a pair of convertible gloves/mittens for Will and Denise's dad.  I've completed about half of the first glove, but it's been extremely slow going because I am essentially making up my own pattern as I go.  I found a pattern on Ravelry to use, but it's made with size 9 needles, and I'm knitting these gloves on size 2s.  So it's more of a vague reference than anything, unfortunately...

     So that's where I'm at right now.. still a long way to go!


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