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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Yarn Obsession ♥

     Yayy, time to rave about some favorite yarn!

     I bought this yarn at The Twisted Stitch in Monterey in August.  It's called Arapey by Malabrigo Yarn, and is 65 yards of super bulky, delicious amazingness.  I decided to use it for my own pair of handwarmers, and until today, the first glove sat half-finished in my knitting bin from two months ago.  I decided to take a quick break - hours ago! - from my Christmas List (glove pair #1) and put away some rows on this, now that we're easing into fall (sigh....).
     This yarn is pure wool and has the most gorgeous blend of soft pastel colors; much softer and a little lighter than the pictures show.  I catch myself staring absently at the fiber every now and then - I am that in love with this yarn. So. Totally. In love. ♥

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