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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spinning Daisies

dress: forever 21  jacket: h&m  purse: my sister's  booties: shiekh  nail polish: purple rain by rimel

     Happy Wednesday!  So, yesterday was my interview for the photo retoucher position, and this was the outfit I wore to it.  I think it went really great!  The highlights were that I was told after I get the hang of things and am on the same page with what this photographer wants out of her images, I'll be able to work from home if I want, and will be paid $20 per image!  The guy that does most of the retouching work there now says he can put out about three finished images an hour, so there's potential to make up to $60 bucks an hour.  Of course I pretended to be nonchalant about it, but inside, my jaw dropped to the floor.  Sign me up! Right now! Please please, pretty please!  I'm supposed to hear back from them by Friday, so fingers crossed!!

     So after I picked Will up yesterday afternoon (since he can't drive because his right foot was operated on last month) we got him a haircut (I miss the curls already!) and went to lunch at Old Chicago Pizza in downtown Petaluma, a place we frequent pretty often.  The pizza there is to die for.  Like, if you think your pizza place is good, go to Chicago. You will be blown away.  Guarantee it.  :)

     That's it for now!  Expect a knitting post/update on my Christmas List sometime in the next few days - don't count on tomorrow, because I'm planning on spending all day studying for my sign language midterm...

P.S.  You get major kudos if you can tell me what famous movie filmed some of its scenes where I was standing!


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