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Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 Must-Have Knitting Accessories

     I took a break from my knitting as I watched tonight's episode of CSI: Las Vegas, and instead logged onto Etsy and after tooling around for a little while, A led to B, which led to C, which led to this post about amazing knitting bags and other accesories.

     First on the list is a bag with pockets on the outside, which is perfect for an organizational freak (I really need to fix the mess of knitting containers I have...) like me.  But really, it drives me up the wall when I'm frustratingly digging in my bag for a knitting needle, stitch marker, safety pin, etc., and can't find it.  What a  great solution!

     Next is a gorgeous, to-die-for needle case.  I really, really want this exact same thing but as a clutch!  I am obsessed with the fabric and style of this case.  I do have a needle case that my grandmother made for herself years and years ago, and even though I love having it to store my straights and DPNs in it, it is pretty basic and not nearly as much as eye-catching as this one is!  It also has a huge number of pockets (!!).

     Third is a really cool bag that you (literally) have to see for yourself.  I first clicked on it because of the pretty paisley-esque pattern (I swear I didn't plan that!), but then looked closer once I saw the other images.  This bag is constructed in such a way that when it's opened it folds open into a square - so ingenious!  I can't stand drawstring knitting bags because it's so difficult to see anything in it - the fabric falls in on itself, and you're left playing a version of that Halloween game where you stick your hand into a container and try to figure out what you're touching.  Never a problem with this bag!  Everything is always in sight, and folds up into a chic tote!

     Next is perhaps my all-time favorite accessory.  The fact that I just dissed this style of knitting bags is totally overshadowed by the fact that it is made out of a Gone With the Wind collage-type fabric!  I am a die-hard fan of that book and movie, as well as the book's sequel, Scarlett.  This would be the perfect bag to take a large project in, so small items won't get lost in it (as I said above).

     Last on my list, but absolutely not least, is "The Knitter's Tool Tin."  As soon as I have any spare cash, this is #1 on my to-buy list.  Number One.  Anyway, this woman has packaged a number of essential knitting tools and packed them very creatively into an Altoid's tin!  (Also note the magnet she attached to the inside so the needles are always at hand!)  I adore her originality with this idea, and the variety of images she used for the tin covers (my fave is the sheep!  Mostly because Will owns a sheep ranch though) .  I may even buy multiple tins for different purses or knitting bags, so I always have one with me!

     So what are your favorite and must-have knitting accessories?


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  1. I never knitted but I would like so much to start. That must be fun
    Enjoy your day
    Sara C.

  2. These really are some beautiful knitting accessories

  3. omg this is all so awesome! :)


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