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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pastel Skies

     So today, Will had his third batch of X-Rays taken - only one more to go!  In a month's time, though.  His surgeon said they looked amazing, and I quote!  His bones have completed fused back together, and he was told to start walking again today - he's been on crutches for the last seven whole weeks.  I asked if he should transition into walking from the crutches at all, and he said it may take a few hours to completely transfer over (since Will's calf muscles have nearly disintegrated from not using them), but wouldn't you know it, Will walked straight out of the office without any help!  He has absolutely detested not being able to walk for so long, and I loved being able to watch him do it again.

     Above and left are the first X-Rays taken of his feet, in July.  The one on the right was taken today.  His doctor drew angles between the first and second metatarsels so we could see the difference the surgery made: a huge difference!  If you can't read them, the before angle is 10º and the after angle is 3º.  Success!

     After we got home, we went up on the ranch for a bit, simply because it's nice to drive the four-wheeler across 360+ acres overlooking endless miles in every direction.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

     ALSO: we found four week-old lambs on the ranch!  They are sso adorable!  They look like kittens bouncing around in the grass, and it's so precious to watch - check out the pic below.


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