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Friday, October 07, 2011

Interview for an Internship

     Exciting news!  I have landed an interview as a photo retoucher for an amazing local photographer.  I emailed the studio manager last weekend about the position, and attached a few pictures of my own photography that I've edited, as requested, and called her a few days later to follow up about it since I never got an email back confirming that she had received my email.  She told me that since there were so many people who wanted the job/internship (I'm not sure which yet) they were sending out a test to their final candidates for them to edit, and then to send back so the studio could evaluate their skill level of photoshop work (four years for me!).  They had five requirements about what to fix in the image:

1.) Please remove the pole circled in the picture.
2.)    Please bring up the shadows in the background of the entire image.
3.)    The skin tones of the grandmother and girl are too hot and bright. Please adjust them.
4.)   The skin tone of the boy on the right is really blue. Please take it to a neutral color or you can even give him a bit of a tan.
5.)    The man on the right has a string of drool hanging from his mouth. Please remove it.

     I finished all of that in a few hours time, along with some other minor changes to the image, just to make it really perfect.  I am such a perfectionist when it comes to photoshop!  So here are the images:


     I know, it feels like "Spot the Differences!", and it is, when it comes to the minor changes I made that they didn't ask for, but the ones they did are very clearly changed.

     Anyway, so the good news is that I got an email back an hour after I sent off the finished image, saying:

          "I forwarded your test onto our digital guy and he liked your work. We’d love to schedule a time to meet with you."

     And I went crazy!  I am still so happy, and beyond excited!  I was really quite pleased with the work I did, and I'm really excited that it seems to be worth something in the big, wide world.  Especially for people who are working with Stephanie Rausser, this photographer I spoke of.  Check out her work.  From that link. Righhtt up there. She has done some really stunning work, and has photographed celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Paul Rudd, and Robin Wright. On top of having clients like Apple, Disneyland, Coca-Cola, Bath and Body Works, and Pier One.

     So, the interview is on Tuesday, and I'm practically counting down the hours!  This position is literally right up my alley.  If I land it, my world is going to change drastically, and so many doors will be opened from working under Stephanie.

     Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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