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Monday, June 25, 2012

World of Water

As promised, here are my Waterworld pictures from yesterday!  Unfortunately my iPhone is not waterproof, so I was relegated to take all these from the sidelines.  I really wish it were though, so I could have taken it on all the slides!  I saw the other night on Snapguide (an iPhone app) a how-to of making your iPhone waterproof!  I was exceptionally tempted to go buy the plastic sleeves needed to do it, but more than anything else I was worried about my phone getting banged up, so I refrained.  I'm really, really hoping I'll have enough money at the end of the summer from lifeguarding to buy a water-, freeze-, and shock-proof camera from Nikon.  It'd be so ideal to take to a water park!  Man.  As a photographer, I have dreamt of shooting underwater portraits for yearss.  As soon as I have it, I am so coming back here!

Also, you must forgive my extremely flat and lifeless hair.  It and chlorine are mortal enemies.  They never fare well together.  You'd think after spending 12 years in a pool, they'd be amicable!  I suppose it only looks awful because I'm sitting next to Kellie, whose hair looks amazing no matter what happens to it!  And if you were wondering, that handsome young chap below is Marty, whom I mentioned in yesterday's post.  I know, attractive, right?  ;)  I hope you're enjoying your Monday!  xx

P.S.  If you were wondering, yes, I did go off that slide!  It doesn't look too bad, but for a fraction of a second your stomach is in your mouth!  Free-fall is always a bit terrifying..!

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