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Saturday, June 09, 2012

A Special Day

Wow, today was busy!  This morning we had a puppy training class, and we watched a really interesting video about how to curb the behaviors exhibited by dominant dogs.  I've always worried about how I would ever raise a dog if the family I make in the future were to want one, but after I'm done raising this pup (she's down below, with her mom!) I feel like I'm going to know how to tackle anything that could come up!  After the training session, I stopped by my old team's swim meet, and met up with my oldest friend, Marty, there, who I met through the team years and years ago.  It was really fun to catch up!  As well as to spend a lovely summer day in the sun.  :)

By the way!  If you didn't know, today (this week, really) is World Wide Knit in Public Day!  Events are created around the globe (more than 800 in years past) where people meet up to knit for a few hours, in celebration of a craft that has been passed down through hundreds of years of generations.  So, I, of course, pulled out my knitting at the meet in honor of it!  Later on my old friend and I walked through the Art & Wine Festival that is held downtown every year.  I'd never been to one (I was a very willful child) and it was pretty awesome!  It was like a farmer's market, except enlarged three times, and with no produce.  I included pictures of the highlights.  :)   xx

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