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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Infinite Spirals

With how busy it's been around here lately (my sister graduating, having her grad party, starting at my lifeguarding job...) I've totally forgotton to post about these cowls I finally put in my shop!  They're soft and cozy and marvelous.  :)  I'd been super lazy about modeling for them, and now I have a few hats that are waiting for pictures...  I'm the worst procrastinator ever!

Just to be fun, I included some Instagram (=megancooper13) pictures from my week!  Isn't my red and white get-up gorgeous?  ;)  And that lovely view of the oak tree and roses is what I have the pleasure of gazing at every night from my living room.  :) I'm thinking about going out to grab a burrito for dinner, and holing up in bed with a few movies and some knitting... I think that sounds pretty fab!  Enjoy your night.  xx

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