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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Lovely Things

Today I finally got the package I've been waiting for from KnitPicks!  I got an email from them a week or two ago that some of their yarn was being discontinued, so immediately I hopped on their website to snatch it up!  And since they offer free shipping on orders more than $50, well... how could I not fill up my cart with goodies?!  Since I had a goal to reach, I filled up most of the quota with a ball winder - as soon as I figured out how to assemble it (no instructions included - can you believe it?), I totally went to town on it.  It's literally my new best friend.  I might even sleep with it.

All of this yarn is simply delightful - especially the stacked skeins; they are so soft!  The yarn's line is called Sugarbunny, and rightfully so!  In December I bought a pink/coral version of the yellow and navy skeins, so I already know I'm going to love those.  ;)  On top of all that, the light gray skein was free!  From a promo that KnitPicks is doing.  I can't complain!  Also did some work on a new button with a shot I got earlier, as you can see below.  I've already added it to my sidebar, if you were so inclined to take it...  ;)

Tomorrow morning I'm heading into San Francisco to pick up an Ikea desk and hutch from a Craigslist listing that will become my new knitting "studio".  The desk is 63" long and is 3/4 the width of my room, so am I crazy for doing this?  The answer is probably yes, because I barely have room to turn around in my room from all the furniture already there, but they were free!  How could I say no?!   xx

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  1. Hey Lady!

    I found you on the Better Blogger Network on the Member Map! We're really close to each other. I live in Fairfield! Very cute blog, I'm your newest follower!

    Melissa @www.thelifeofanotsoordinarywife.com

  2. I just found you from BBN and I'm your newest follower :)
    I love knitting but I am so slow that I always end up giving up or forgetting about what I'm knitting oops.


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