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Friday, June 08, 2012

Lacy Frocks

tank top, shorts & necklace:  forever 21  //  sweater:  target  //  flip flops:  roxy  //  watch: nordstrom

I'm finally back, with an outfit post!  I went on my first shopping spree in well over a year (maybe two?) last night, after a very lucrative lifeguard gig I did at a private party.  ;)  I spent most of my earnings at Forever 21 (I could live in that store, honestly.  I'm that obsessed), resulting in six tops, and this pair of shorts.  My wardrobe is direly in need of a makeover, and this was Phase 1.  I have a very chic/classy sense of style, but no money to reflect that in my clothes..  until now!

I am in love with these shorts.  Goodness.  They're loose and flowing, and I adore the attatched belt and ruffled waistline.  So versatile!  Not to mention that they have awesome pockets.  I lovelovelove being able to relax with my hands in them, which is something I can never do with my jeans!  I can already tell I'm going to put so many miles on them.  :)  This tank top is so lovely too, especially the details on the back.  What can I say, I'm a detail person!  Along those lines are the bottles of nail polish I picked up last night during my spree - I put the beige color as a base on my toes and covered it with the gold sparkles, and I must say, they look fab!  I love glitter.  :)  On tomorrow's agenda is puppy training and stopping by my old team's swim meet!  Enjoy your Friday evening!  xx
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