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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunny Streaks

Here's the adventurous post I was so secretive about yesterday!  Hair transformation.  What's my secret to amazing ombre-hair-dying skills, you ask?  One word, and one word only: chalk.  I kid you not!  My mom said I look like an "indian maiden" but what does she know about the hair-streaking trend??  Here's the best part about streaking your hair with chalk: it comes out with a wash (or two).  And this is what that means: you can put different colors in your hair depending on if you want to match your outfit, or if you were just wondering what specific colors would look like on you.  It's brilliant!

Here's how you do it!  First you need chalk pastels - be aware that regular sidewalk chalk that you have in your garage from when you were five will not work.  I tried.  You can find chalk pastels at your local arts & crafts store; I bought a 36 piece set for less than five bucks.  After you have your chalks squared away, fix up your hair.  I prepped mine by straightening it and putting it in a waterfall braid (I had an idea to color all the 'falling' pieces of hair, but ended up only doing one).  Once your hair is set, pick up whatever color you want to use, wet the tip of the chalk, and pull it down a small piece of your hair.  The smaller the piece, the better, it seems.  If you use a big chunk, you can see the chalk on individual hairs, and just looks less cohesive overall.  In my opinion.

Once you've applied the color, go over it with a blowdrier or flatiron to set the color into your hair; this will also bring out the true color of the chalk, since it will no longer be wet and dark-looking.  Whatever you do, DO NOT BRUSH THE COLORED PIECES OF HAIR.  I learned the hard way last night when I first experimented with the chalks.  Not only does it totally dilute and destroy your lovely streaks, it hurts like a bitch.  Swearing is necessary for this one.  It hurts that much.  Don't do it.

So that's how you make your hair look amazing and like you spent $100 on it for only five!  Do as many or as few streaks and colors as you want.  I did four, and for the ombre effect went from pink, to red, to orange, and to yellow. I think it looks pretty awesome!  No matter what my mom says.   xx

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  1. This is so creative!! I never would have thought to do this... not that I have much hair to play with at the moment... but you look darling and I love the effect it gives!

  2. I had much less intentional, yet very similar, locks when I was in my foundation drawing courses! I should have totally played it off as if I had meant for my hair to be splattered with drawing chalks! Yours looks much more controlled, and much better. So fun!



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