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Monday, June 04, 2012

Skies of Gray

This is just a quick post as a project-update.  I've been enjoying my summer lately and haven't been in the mood for blogging!  The weather's been awesome lately (except for today, when it decided to rain), so I've been spending the afternoons in my bikini on the lawn with good music and a glass of ice water.

This is going to be a cowl, and it's a different style than I normally do - a lot wider, and it won't be a wrap-around cowl like my others.  Can't wait to finish it though!  It's super soft and cozy, and I already have a potential bid on it.  ;)  I'm also looking around for a cheap dress form - does anyone know where I can find one for less than $70?  Ebay has some for like $35 but the shipping is almost $30...!  :(  As a college student, my budget doesn't allow for purchases like that, so I'm looking for a cheaper option.

I also included a slightly hilarious picture from last night - my dog never fails to crack me up!  Somehow she was comfortable...  Also had to include a picture I took at LuLu Lemon yesterday - the chalk paint covered the entire like 12 foot wall!  I really, really want to do this someday.  Enjoy your Monday afternoon!   xx

currently listening to.... Black Hawk Down

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