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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wind in My Wings

Wow, today was busy!  Bright and early this morning, my mom and I went to a puppy training class - step #1 to raising one of my dog's puppies for Guide Dogs.  We have to complete three classes before we can be deemed "fit" (at least I believe that's why) to raise a puppy; in terms of knowledge of techniques, and just having an overall ability and capacity to raise a puppy on Guide Dogs' terms.  I've never been to any kind of training class from GD, and I had a lot of fun!  Even though Heloise is 2 1/2 and very well-trained already, it was really fun to do the exercises with her, and to do it with nine other puppies.  There was even an 11 week puppy there - sso cute!

After grabbing a bite to eat, and a stop at the gym, I came home to take pictures of my sister, Sarah, before she went off to her senior prom.  After creating a "lookbook" (essentially) of the best pictures I took, I realized that I really should be in the portrait photography field.  I'm not trying to toot my own horn, per say (I'm the girl that is NEVER able to accept a compliment), but I have to acknowledge that I am in fact really good at directing others into poses and photographing them.  The first time I realized this was last May, when I had my first "real" shoot, of my ex's sister and her husband a week before their son was due.  Until today, I thought that it had simply been beginner's luck.  But now... I honestly don't know why I cast out the idea of going into photography as a career.  

To illustrate the story I just told, I included my favorite shot from that shoot.  As well as my favorite prom picture from when I went two years ago.  Just in case you were curious as to the dress I wore (two years ago!).  ;)  And no, that wasn't my boyfriend - just a friend who I invited to be my date.  The last picture is of our neighbor, and his daughter.  My sister babysits for him and his wife all the time, and we're all good friends, so they came over to check out my sister's 'transformation,' as it were.  ;)  Sorry for all the text!  Anyway, I hope you're enjoying the remaining hours of your evening.  :)   xx

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