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Saturday, May 05, 2012


These are the two most recent iPhone cases I've done - one is for my now former boss, and the other is for a girl I went to high school with.  My boss asked for one with Jamba colors, and I knit it in the order that they present in the Whirl (red/magenta at the top, down to green at the bottom).  The other is a bit more straightforward, as you can see.  But it's now become one of my favorite cases to date!  I love how perfect this shade of pink went with the white - it's like conversation hearts morphed into a case!  Plus I stumbled across this button in my mom's hidden stash and instantly knew it would be the one for this case.  I'm going to be sad to see this one go!  I guess I can always make another one... ;)  I also finished my intertwining cable headband!  I love it.  :)

So yesterday my ex and I (we dated for a short while five years ago - no drama here; sorry!) went up to Sebastopol to visit the country's biggest carnivorous plant nursery: California Carnivores!  He has a few at his place that I've seen, and they creep me out a bit, so I was a little reserved about tagging along, but decided to anyway.  And it was totally fascinating!  Even though I kept my distance from the really big plants, the ones that captivated me were the miniature ones - most of them were no bigger than your thumb.  After that, we explored downtown Sebastopol, and stopped at a local ice cream shop, then hit up In N' Out later on on the way home!  Have you done anything fun this weekend?  xx

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  1. I love that little skelly on the bench! <3

  2. Those iPhone cozies are so wonderful! I really love the colors.

    1. Thank you! You can find others in my shop:
      Or feel free to email me for custom colors! :)

  3. Beautiful! What a cool place to visit too:)


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