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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Drive By

I'm sorry it's been days since I posted..!  I've been too busy to even think about blogging.  :(

Here's how my days have been going:
Wake up.
Go to class.
Spend five hours in the library writing a paper.
Come home & go straight to the gym.
Get home around 10 pm.
Continue writing the paper.
Go to sleep.
Wake up.
Go to class.
Come home & spend 40 minutes at home relaxing.
Go to work & head straight to the gym afterward.
Get home around 10 pm.
Do homework for a few hours.
Go to sleep.

Yeah, it's been awesome!  </sarcasm>.  Not to mention work was brutal today.  It was in the 90ºs inside our store.  All. day.  Our thermostat can't really be changed for some reason (I'm pretty sure the corporate office keeps it set at one given temp), but it's never been a problem until today.  Even though it's technically a health code violation, we kept all of our dish sinks ice-water cold, and we would all spend a few minutes at a time in the walk-in freezer throughout the day, just to cool off.  While in there, I called over my coworkers to see something pretty awesome: my body temperature was so high that I was exuding steam while standing in the freezer.  Haha it was super cool to see!

Anyway, this afternoon, I was going to shut the freezer door that had been left open, when I noticed my ex-GM (she transferred to another store, but helped us out today) on the floor of it!  Pretty much one of the funniest things I've ever seen.  :D  Anyhow, these are just a few pictures I included to excuse my lack of a real post..  The money is from a swim meet this past weekend - my mom runs the snack bar for my old swim team, so after home meets she'll bring home the loot to count.  As for my toes, I really needed to redo the polish on them (since I'm lazy about it and don't care too much, they'll be the same color for a few weeks), and I decided to try something more interesting than one color.  The top half is navy, the bottom is silver, and the dots are nude - my white has basically become glued shut from polish inside the cap.  :(

Alright.  I think I'm going to put off my english reading until tomorrow before work, so I am going to pop a batch of popcorn and curl up in bed with an actual leisure book.  Imagine!  xx

P.S.  I am obsessed with Drive By by Train.  I discovered it last night and it's been on repeat ever since!  Watch the video!  Trust me.  You're gonna love it.

currently listening to.... Drive By - Train


  1. LOVING that song by Train :) Listen to it nonstop! Also I feel ya on the leisure books.. just got out of school for the semester and have been reading books with far less syllables then a text book.. really just junk food for the brain :)


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