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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Knitting for Confidence #5

I have returned!  From the formidable land of finals, stress, and time-stealing.  ;)  Today was officially the first day of (dare I say it?) summer, and I had it all to myself!  I had to keep reminding myself that no, I was not procrastinating for anything, and that neither did I have anything pressing on my to-do list.  Unlike ususal!  It was quite nice.  I must admit though... I'm already stressed just thinking about the crazy semester I'm going to have this fall...  I swear, the vicious cycle of school will never end!  {I included a fun Instagram picture from today's to-do list - follow me at megancooper13!}

I'm making my first post after hiatus about the bag I recently finished - it's a knitting for confidence post because 1) I've never knit a real tote before, and 2) it required patterns and stitches I'd never used before.  Although, I wish I had made the body of the bag shorter, and the straps longer.  Because of that, I'm thinking about selling this one and making another one for me..  ;)  How's the end of your school year/semester going?  Any exciting summer plans?  xx
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  1. It kinda looks like a buoy! Like the ones in Boothbay!
    <3 Mackenzie

  2. This bag is so pretty! I love the stitching!


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