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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photo an Hour #2

As promised, here is my photo an hour post!  I spent the day in Sonoma with my family celebrating my grandmother's 88th birthday {which was yesterday}.  She got a pretty amazing birthday present too:  her second great-grandchild was born yesterday, and my cousin and his wife named her Audrey Blair!  I can't wait to meet her.  And the reason these photos begin so late is because I was up till 2:30 AM last night writing my last paper for the semester, so I slept in this morning!

12 pm //  Wrapping my mom's Mother's Day present: a pair of fingerless gloves she asked me to make months ago but which have sat half-finished for a while.  Whoops! 

1 pm //  My good friends Noah and Peet along for the ride to Sonoma.

2 pm //  Lounging poolside with some knitting.

3 pm //  Spending some quality time with the sun in the pool.  I'm trying to get rid of my pasty skin ASAP!

4 pm //  Making some progress on this project; a little leisure 1,000 piece puzzle time; prepping for dinner with the most adorable blender I've ever seen.

5 pm //  Things get interesting here.

6 pm //  Food.  'Nuff said.

7 pm //  Amusing ourselves with soda droplets rolling around on the tablecloth.  And isn't this picture awesome?  I'll give you the answer at the end of the post - see if you can guess what made it like this before that!

8 pm //  Rainbow flame candles (apparently they're a real thing!) and the most delicious cake I've ever had, courtesy of my cousin Leslie.

9 pm //  Ending the night with a few hours of stargazing.  You can see Venus in this picture.

So that was my night!  Well, day, really.  Sunburns, cold soda, and good company.  Summer is close enough to taste.  So what made that really awesome picture so awesome-looking was a fingerprint smudge on my camera lens!  I bet you were trying to figure out what iPhone app I have that lets me take double exposures, huh.  ;)  I hope you had as wonderful a day as I did!  xx

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  1. Beautiful photos, what a great challenge! I've had this type of post in the back of my mind for a while now, but never gotten around to do it!

  2. That pool looks absolutely amazing! I could really go for a swim right about now !!


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