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Monday, December 31, 2012

Check, check, and check

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrost a post about my 2012 resolutions.  As it is the last day of 2012 (eeekk!), I thought I should reflect back and see how I did on them!  :)

1.  Create Knitting for Confidence and sustain it throughout the year.
I've written a total of eight Knitting for Confidence posts this year and am thoroughly pleased with where it's taken me.  It's so fun to look back and read about projects that were particularly challenging!

2.  Make at least 3-4 blog posts every week.
For the most part, I've succeeded with this.  During the semester, I was sometimes down to two a week, but overall this year it's been about three or four a week.

3. Start and finish at least five items I've never made before.
This year I've made colorwork glovesa shawl, wrote my own pattern, made a brioche cowl,  a tote bag, a shirt, and a sweater (ahh!).  A pretty productive year!  Hopefully 2013 will be just as much.

4.  Pull off at least a C+ in my precalc class this semester.
This is a bit of a gray area!  I ended up dropping that class halfway through the semester because I didn't end up needing it.  I had a C+ (I think) until then though!

5.  Post at least 7 comments a week on others' blogs.
I think everyone has been guilty of this at some time or another, but sometimes this has fallen by the wayside....  oops.  I try to make an effort though!

6.  Make more graphic art.
Check!  I did pieces for Knitting for Confidence, all of my buttons, and my blog header!  Success!

7.  Make a profit off of my Etsy shop.

8.  Grow out my hair.
Check!  I'll be permanently straightening it in two weeks, so it'll be even longer, eeek!
(taken in December '11 and November '12)

9.  Create a layout for my blog that is more streamlined and put-together looking.
Check!  It took me a few tries/months, but I finally made a layout that I loved.  You're looking at it right now!  Yay!
All in all, I'd say I did pretty well for myself and my New Year's resolutions.  :)

Well, that's it for 2012.   See you in 2013!!   xxx


  1. great job on your goals! happy 2013!

  2. i love that knitted color block shirt of yours. amazing! so happy for you and your completed resolutions. have a happy new year!

  3. This is awesome! I wish I was this successful with my goals that I had for 2012. Hopefully 2013 will bring on good vibes and more enthusiasm for trying!

  4. Great work on your goals! I hope you do just as well in 2013!

    Happy New Year! :)

  5. That's awesome!! Also, the sweaters really awesome. And I like the fact that you have something about commenting on other people's blogs in your goals - sometimes it's hard to find time for things like that, but I find I always like keeping up with people. Good luck with 2013 goals :)

  6. Those are great resolutions. Can't wait to see where the blog goes this year!

  7. That bag is adorable! what a talent to have!


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