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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reunited ♥

Alright, here's the tale of my adventure as promised!  Yesterday was Guide Dog's Fun Day, which is the annual event in which puppy raisers from the eight western states (the only ones in which Guide Dogs for the Blind has puppies) convene at their headquarters in Marin County for a day of events, demonstrations, games, and of course socialization (for the puppies)!  It was a lot of fun and something we've never been to (since this is my first GD puppy, and it wasn't around when my mom raised puppies), minus the blistering heat.  There are more than 800 puppies currently being raised in those eight states, with more than 450 in California alone.

After the festivities, we had a barbeque dinner with the family who raised our dog, Heloise, and who are currently raising her son, Zorba (born Halloween 2011).  We will be raising her daughter Omaha (born April 2012) but are not quite "certified puppy raisers" yet, so for the time being she's being fostered by the co-leader of our puppy club.  We were able to have her over for a few hours yesterday though, since the fam would be all together.  :)

I know there's a lot of pictures, but I promise, your heart will melt.  You'll be glad I didn't narrow these photos down any farther!   xx
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  1. I'm SQUEALING! So sweet! I love the second to last one with the black labs. ahhh. So cute!

  2. My heart is in a pile around me on the floor. These are the cutest puppies ever!


  3. Oh my goodness! The last two photos are my absolute faves! So cute!


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