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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Busy as Bees

Happy Saturday!  I hope yours has been as fun as mine!  This morning I helped my mom set up the food for 'Splash Day' - my old swim team's registration day.  She's run the snack bar for the past eight years, and since she does pretty much the equivalent job for her work (setting up cafes for companies like Nintendo, Amazon, and Myspace), it's always amazing.  Ultra organized!  After that, we met my grandmother, aunt, and cousin for brunch at a local place called Marvin's.  So delicious!  I haven't been there in months, and I was happy to go back.  I got home in mid-afternoon and modeled some of my knitwear for my Etsy shop - I had some fun as you can see!

I also included some pics from my day - what would I do without my iPhone?  ;)  National Treasure is on in a few minutes, and I'm going to be vegging out to that while I knit my mom some fingerless gloves, and munch on some snack food.  Who needs dinner?  xx

currently listening to.... Crushcrushcrush - Paramore

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