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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Eeek, it's been a whole week since I posted anything!  I'm super sorry for being so erratic... Besides school, I've been doing extra knitting "shifts" for my Etsy shop, since my boss has me down to working only a few hours a week.  So, here are the projects I've done in the last few days!  The first was a custom order from an Etsy customer - I loved this hat so much I'm thinking about knitting myself one in this gorgeous color!  Very bright and cheerful - perfect for spring.  :)  I've also been eyeing the Roving line Bernat put out that Michael's is carrying - it's to die for: it's 12 ply ultra-thick and ridiculously soft and plush yarn that I can't stop touching.  You just wanna snuggle with it!  I first saw this mint color a few months ago but didn't have spare cash to buy it, and I finally succumbed to its amazingness last week.  From it I made this cowl with an adorable pattern that I (reluctantly) paid $5 for.  On my needles now is a second one, but in a lovely deep cranberry color!

In other news... Last Friday I went out bowling with my Jamba team.  We had such a fun time!  Regardless of the fact that the only reason I went was because it served as a major distraction.... As to what, I won't say here.  Anyhow, we played for hours in the near-dark and under black lights - hence the photos being so grainy.  It was amazing to get away, if only for a few hours, from the dull routine I have of school-work-homework-school-work-homework.  

Speaking of which... I am officially on spring break!  Which means three things: 1) on Saturday my mom and I are driving to SoCal to tour a few colleges: UCR, Cal Poly SLO and Pomona, as well as riding fat tire bikes along the beach (something we've done in the past) and visiting her college roommate while down there.  2) My new glasses arrive next Wednesday!  I'm sso excited.  :D  3) Last but not least, my 20th birthday is around the corner!  I have only 11 days left of my teenage years..  I'm thinking about offering a discount on my Etsy shop in honor of it - keep your eyes peeled!   xx 

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  1. I LOVE this green herringbone!! I'm so jealous... For some reason or another I've never been able to get herringbone to work for me! I'm a seasoned knitter but for some reason I just can't get this to work! Any suggestions? haha!

    Lesley bytheporchlight.com


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