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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seeing in Macro

This is another pint cozy I finished the other night - the colorway is called 'Chocolate Cupcake.'  I love it!  It makes the yarn so much more cheerful.  :)  I just finished another eyelet beret, and have a few more on the needles.  I'm also about to start another "Gap-inspired cowl." Suffice it to say studying has taken a backseat this weekend!

I've been staring out my living room windows the last few days and admiring our plum tree, which is starting to bloom (thanks to the major heat wave we had this week!), so a little bit ago I went out to shoot it, and here are a few images I love.  One of my facebook friends commented on the first one asking if I would be willing to sell it to her in the future for the cover of a book she's writing - I couldn't believe it!  Hopefully she'll still want it as her cover once she's done writing - then I'll finally be a published photographer, and give me a leg up on getting my name out.  Cross your fingers!  xx

currently listening to.... Heartlines - Florence + The Machine

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