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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New York 11/22

     Well, today was just as busy as predicted.  Started out bright and early at 7 AM (which resulted in two extra shots of espresso in my coffee...), and headed to breakfast uptown at a place called Sarabeths.  I had nothing, as I was under the impression we had been going to a local bagel shop (this wasn't it) and wasn't really in the mood for anything else.  Nor did I want to get something and end up with leftovers, and be left carrying it around all day, on top of my purse and bulky camera bag.

     After breakfast, we walked a block to a local market called Zabar's, which was interesting to wander.  Upstairs was where the fun was, as all the cooking utensils and gadgets were up there.  Almost everything came in colors of the rainbow!   I loved it.  When I move out I plan on getting brightly colored pots and pans, and I'm quite excited.  :)

     From there, we took the subway to the American Museum of National History (where they filmed Night at the Museum), and wandered around there for a short while before continuing on to Central Park, which is right across the street.  We walked through Strawberry fields, a commemoration John Lennon's wife created in his memory, and through the park to the Plaza Hotel (which is seen in Bride Wars).  We climbed into a horse-drawn carriage there and had nearly an hour-long tour through Central Park, which was lovely!  It turns out that the man driving the carriage had a brief scene in the upcoming movie New Year's Eve, so I'll be keeping an eye out for him when it comes out.

     Across the street from the Plaza and the carriages was the infamous glass-encased Apple store - being a die-hard fan, I had to go in, and see the mother of all Apple stores!  And it totally was.  At least three times bigger than the store closest to us at home; I was thoroughly impressed.

     Last was a stop at Tiffany's, which was incredibly sparkly.  But, I love pretty things.  :)  My faves are the yellow diamond princess-cut ring at the bottom, and the silver/white diamond key necklace on the left.  Someday I'll be able to buy them!

     After we came back to the hotel for a while to unwind and let our poor feet rest, we left at 6 PM to see Wicked on Broadway.  Which.  Was.  Amazing.  This, coming from someone who really can't stand musicals, so you know I must be telling the truth.  Although the first act seemed pretty slow and very drawn-out to me, the final scene of it and the entire second act was simply perfect.  After seeing it, everything (and I mean everything) about The Wizard of Oz makes sense.  Ah, I loved it!

     By the way, if you're an avid Friends watcher, then you'll recognize the fountain above!  It's the one the cast members all jump into during the theme song.

     Lastly, this is a photo I took last night from one of our three hotel windows, overlooking the corner of 39th and 6th Ave.

     Tomorrow we'll be flying out of Newark (is this trip already over?  Seems like yesterday we were first told about it in July!) at 5:30 PM, so the next time you hear from me, I will be back at home on the West Coast!  As Dorothy would say, there's no place like home...

     Hope you're having a good night!

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