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Monday, November 07, 2011

Coming Home

     So I found a pattern for a beautiful slouchy hat on Ravelry (below), and cast on for it earlier today, but didn't have one of the right sizes for it (after the brim, it called for one needle size larger) so I was planning on going to Michael's before or after class tonight to get the DPN's I needed.  Unfortunately they didn't have 5's like I wanted, or 4's, but I figured I could make do with the 3's I have.

     I was walking out when I passed some gorgeous yarn and stopped to finger it (have I mentioned how kinesthetic I am??) and was blown away.  It was one of the softest yarns I've ever felt, and somehow 100% acrylic.  I had to have it; and at $4.29 for 315 yards, how could I say no?  Then I passed another section and found equally soft yarn in a beautiful plum color, which was almost exactly the shade I wanted to make this hat in.  I couldn't decide between them, so I decided I could splurge this one time, even though I'm broke, and considered it my congratulatory present for finally getting a job.

     These yarns were both at about $4.29, but I was in for another happy surprise when they were rung up: the moniter in front of me read $5.70.  I paused for a moment, thinking that the second skein was taking longer to register with the computer, but no.  For some reason they were rung up at $2.79 and $2.49, even though there hadn't been any indication that either were on sale.  But who cares!  480 yards for five and a half dollars?  I'm happy.  :)

     Here are a few pictures to maybe brighten your day.  :)

     Minx pays a visit to Heloise's new "pad"!

     She came home today after being at the Guide Dogs facilities for the last two weeks because of the imminent birth of her puppies.  She delivered a boy on the night of Halloween, and a girl via C-section the next morning.  Both are black, but unfortunately the little girl didn't survive.  Since she only had one puppy to care for, Guide Dogs put him with another new mom's litter of five, since they didn't see much point to having Heloise only nurse one pup.  Which is great for us, because she got to come home almost immediately, instead of late-December like we had anticipated.  She has about 15 staples in her lower abdomen from the surgery that she's not allowed to touch, and that's what the skirt is for.

     To explain the stuffed animals: she was given a few while at Guide Dogs after her puppy was placed with another litter, and they were there for her to "mother".  They suggested we do the same, if we had any.  So I donated a few!  One of which is coincidentally a dog, haha.

     Minx is so photogenic!  And it's quite amusing how much she looks like an owl in the second picture.  ;)  (She and her brother Spooky turn 15 this month!)


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