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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Cabled Hat #2 and 3

     So yesterday I whipped out another of my 'Hermione's Cabled Hat' hat, this time in a coral color.  I don't remember when I bought this yarn, but I think it was close to a year ago, and the two skeins I have of it have been sitting unused in my closet since then.  I've been wanting to use them, but couldn't think of a project where this color by itself would look pretty - enter this pattern!  I'm in love with this hat; maybe even more so than the one I made the other day!

     I have two cabled knit hats (one black, and one white) that I bought from H&M a few winters ago, and I put one on the other day and decided I didn't really like the way it looked on me; I thought that maybe knit hats would always kind of look weird until I grew out my hair, but this hat has changed my opinion!  I think I just haven't found a knit hat that really suited me, until now.  And I'd hope so, since I made it.  ;)

     So on my needles now is hat #3; same pattern but in beautiful navy blue wool.  This is another yarn I haven't been able to figure out what to use for, but with this I have hundreds of yards of it.  My grandmother gave some five or six skeins (= 1,500 yards) about two years ago, because she hadn't ever gotten around to making a few kids' sweaters with it.  But I think this yarn perfectly suits this hat!  I'm starting to think that I could make this hat in every single color of the rainbow and they would literally all look amazing.

     If you want this hat, feel free to email me about buying one!  I'm planning on putting it on my Etsy shop sometime in the near future, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

     On the agenda tonight is a Disney movie marathon with Will!  ABC Family is showing Beauty and The Beast and Aladdin back to back tonight; how could I pass that up?!  We'll also be having shrimp for dinner - doesn't sound exciting, I know, but I haven't had it in more than three years because I was vegetarian.  I decided the other day to return to eating fish, because I really missed it.  I took my first bite of salmon that day and, I know it's hard to believe, but I felt guilty for eating it!  After fish being on my never-eat list for three years, I wasn't surprised, but it was still amusing that I felt guilty for eating something so healthy!  :)

    Oh!  The last (and most important) news I have is that I finally have a job!  I've been unemployed for nearly eight weeks, and it's been really painful.  But, no more!  I start next week at Jamba Juice, and I'm really, really happy.  :)

     Anyway, have a good Saturday night guys!


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