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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello New York!

     So!  Here is my Photo an Hour project that I did today.  :)  And to save myself from going crazy from figuring out the time differences, the times listed are in Pacific Standard Time, even though half of them were taken at later times on East Coast Time..  Whatever, it works!

6 AM:  My sister, Sarah, waiting for our Starbucks order while we waited to board the flight to Phoenix.  Airport was pretty empty - lucky for us!

7 AM:  Leaving Oakland International Airport.

8 AM:  Flying into Phoenix, AZ.

9 AM:  Waiting to board the connection flight to Newark, NJ.

10 AM:  Boarding the flight to Newark.  Busy busy!

11 AM:  Breaking Dawn, Julie & Julia, and some knitting.  What could be better?  :)

12 PM:  Seamless clouds.

1 PM:  More clouds.  :)

2 PM:  Tiny snowflakes!

4 PM:  Looking back at the sunset over the mid-west.

5 PM:  A beautiful view over New Jersey.

7 PM:  Arrived in our suite on the corner of 6th and 39th in New York!

     Well that was pretty much my whole day.  A loottt of plane time.  After dumping our suitcases in our suite, we walked a few blocks to a nearby Chipotle, and brought it back to the hotel to eat.  That was about 8 PM eastern time, and since then (the last two hours) I've spent my time editing the 248 pictures I've taken today (somehow we still have four days to go.. thank god for an 8 GB memory card!) and writing this post for you lovely people..  Now, after being awake for 16 hours (19, if you include the time difference...), time for sleep!

currently listening to.... The City That Never Sleeps

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