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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Joke & a Valentine

headband, shirt, jacket, & skirt | forever 21   tights | a gift   booties | BCBG

It's official.  I'm a walking advertisement for Forever 21.

I'm not even sure I should bother to list where my clothes are from anymore, by now y'all know where they come from, right??  I ordered this jacket and skirt online a few days ago and they arrived on my doorstep yesterday - I'M IN LOVE.  The skirt is high-waisted-pleated-shimmery goodness.  Yes that's a thing.  No I didn't just make that up.  And don't even get me started on the jacket!  That thing is even more beautiful in person.  Good gracious.

Along with my beautiful new clothes, I also came home to find these beautiful flowers on my doorstep: the first valentine I've had in years.  :)  (They were left by my ex, whom I mentioned in this post)  It's  nice to feel loved!

My sister would kill me for talking about her here, but this story is just too funny not to tell!  Gotta take what opportunities you have, people.  She, my mom, and I went out to dinner tonight, and she was telling us about a conversation she had with a friend.  Her friend's mother was concerned about my sister driving her son around (as are most parents of teenagers who aren't old enough for a license), and my sister said to her friend, "Tell her I don't drink and drive; I don't even support underage drinking.  Tell her when I play beer pong I have other people drink the beer for me."  My sister is as straight-edge as they come, so I thought this was a clever example to use to exemplify her suitability as a chauffeur.

Until she said, "No, I'm serious!  I'm really good at beer pong.  I actually have to go find a friend to drink the beer for me."

Then, I lost it.  I have not heard something that funny in a looong time.  Especially because at first I hadn't realized she was being serious!  And that, my friends, is as good a story as I will ever be able to tell, so savor this moment.   Enjoy the laughs!  :)   xx

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  1. The first time I played beer pong, I actually did the same thing. And then moved up to drinking my own wine cooler - woo, so hardcore!

    Also, that outfit looks really cute. :)

  2. Adorable outfit, I LOVE that skirt. And hilarious story about your sister, sounds like my sister too :)

  3. One of my good friends in college, a member of my favorite fraternity, would always have a "designated drinker" when he played beer pong. It was a staple at frat parties, but since he didn't drink much or often, he also found someone else to drink for him! I promise, your sister isn't the only one who does that. :)

    I've also played wine pong, Smirnoff pong (when I first started drinking--I quickly outgrew that nasty sugary stuff), and cranberry vodka pong. Good times.

    Oh, and a Christian group on campus held a "root beer pong" tournament annually as a fundraiser.

  4. Awwwwwwwww. Look at that cursive writing of "be mine" - super adorable. I'm excited for you.

    and hahahahahhaha - about the beer pong.

    AND that outfit is awesome. I'm jealous that you're somewhere where it's warm enough to wear it. Oh, and that you're not dressed in business casual - I'm jealous about that too.


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