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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Love in a hopeless place

jacket & shorts | forever 21   boots | madden girl   tights | christmas present

This is my holycrapit'scoldasshitrightnow face.  The reason for only having a handful of slightly-blurry photos in this post: it was about 30º when I took these pictures and well wouldn't you know I just wanted to get my butt back inside already!

You've already seen most of these pieces of clothing in past outfit posts; today I wanted to highlight the tights!  They are fabulous.  I mean come on people, just look at these babies!  I've been dying to wear them for weeks, and today I finally opened them up.  Being back at school means wearing something other than the jeans/orange tshirt/jacket combo I've been living in for the last month for work.  It's weird.  

But back to the tights.  They're beautiful and amazing and the darndest thing happened to them today.  I accidentally tore one of the fishnett-y holes and so now I have a bigger hole. I'm pretty sure this is the third (third!) time that I've torn/ripped a pair of tights/pantyhose on the same day that I opened them.  You know what they say about coincidence: Once is an accident.  Twice is a coincidence.  Three times is a pattern.  I must be cursed.

On the upside, these tights got themselves three separate compliments within ten minutes today.  Why is everything in three's ?!  (I was about to say, three cheers for Tights! when I realized.....)   xx

P.S.  I'm still LOVING my new hair.  Thank you for leaving such sweet comments!  :3

P.P.S.  Hello and welcome to those new readers I have!
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  1. Ooo! I love th tights. Have you decided about the bangs yet? It was freezing here so my sis and I only got about three successful pictures bleh. It's finally feeling like winter. xx | Natalia.

    p.s. I think I fixed the noreply thingie.

  2. Those tights are AWESOME. And I rip EVERY pair as well... within at least 2 wears. It's kind of a problem.


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