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Saturday, January 19, 2013


What'chu know 'bout poppin' no mint colla?

Alllllright, let's pretend that I can even begin to pull that off.  We should just skim right over my attempt to speak Gangster and move on to my knitting post.

I've had this project on my mind for a full year, and just got around to making it a few weeks ago, when I realized these colors looked fab together.  I had this hat almost finished last month, but it ended up being too small, so after all my Christmas Etsy orders were finished, I took it out and started over.  Time consuming, but so worth it!  By far, this hat is in my Top 3 Favorite Projects Ever.

It's only been a few days since it came off my needles, but I seriously love this thing to death.  It was cold enough to even wear to bed the other night.  Don't judge!

Funny story today: I was standing in line at Rite-Aid to get a prescription filled, absently glancing around, waiting for the one and only clerk to take her sweet time, when the woman in line ahead of me turned around and said, "People probably tell you this all the time, but you could totally model."  I was completely taken aback, and as this woman continued to talk to me about why I should be a model (super tall, "good frame" apparently..), my face got progressively redder.  Pretty sure I looked like a tomato.  I don't take compliments well at all.  So don't try any funny business if you see me on the street, people!  ;)

Enjoy the end of your weekend!   xx
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  1. Loveee the hat! The color combo is one of my all time favorites. Btw, I think bangs would rock this outfit ;) xx

  2. Even though you got all embarrassed about it, these are really cute photos, and I really love that hat. :)

  3. Now you should try filling out the America's Next Top Model application. It's a trip.

  4. I love your hat! The colors look beautiful together.


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