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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Makeup Board DIY

I am terribly, terribly sorry this is a few days later than I promised.  This DIY project has given me such a hard time!  So many headaches that I wanted a break from it.  Moral of the story: do not use magnetic paint for anything heavier than a pen.  You will end up frustrated beyond belief with it.  Guaranteed.


Let's see, after I used up almost my entire $8 can of paint on this 9x11" piece of glass, I thought it was smart to test run my makeup on it, only after about 40 minutes of dry time.

Not smart.  I now have permanent 'recesses' in the paint from some of my magnetics sinking into it.  A few more coats didn't seem to help any.

I found magnetic strips at Michaels that I cut to accomodate to the bottles, tubes, and eye shadow palettes that I wanted to display on my board.  Notice how you only see the eye shadow palettes up there in that picture.  Even with magnetic strips covering an entire side, mascara bottles and my plastic concealer/foundation bottles won't attach to the magnetic paint.  Hence my headaches.

The one sucess of this project is my new makeup brush/other thin objects holder.  This is something I am totally jazzed about.  I pulled out a mason jar from my garage, filled it with a few strands of pearls, and stuck my brushes right on in!  Easy, and almost instant gratification.  Plus it makes all your brushes look so pretty!  I'm not really a pearl person, but come on.  They are so pretty to look at.

If any of you have been brave enough to tackle magnetic paint, how has it worked out for you?   xx

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  1. What a clever idea! I love the way the pearls look in the jar!

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  3. I plan on doing this too! I have seen where people get large pill bottles or cylinder containers that they make pretty and put magnets on to put their mascara or eyeliner in on the magnetic boards. Maybe that would work?


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