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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Diamonds & Updos

tank top // old navy    shorts //  forever 21    cardigan //  h&m    purse //  ebay

This is a really, really, über quick post for you (I took these pictures in ten minutes flat - speaks to how quick I mean!) mostly to showcase this gorgeous purse that just arrived in the mail this afternoon.  It shipped from Hong Kong and its estimated arrival was between September 10th and 20th.  Today's the 4th.  Don't you just love when that happens?  I apologize for how blown out it is - being under a time constraint didn't allow for the best outfit-shooting circumstances, but don't worry!  This purse will be making it into many more outfit posts, no doubt about that.

What else arrived in the mail today, you might ask?  This ingenious, 355 page DIY book.  I found it in a local bookstore back in May (but didn't have money at the time to buy it), and forgot about it till last week, so of course I ordered it!  I honestly can't get over how crazy smart some of the DIY's in this thing are.  Everything from how to fix a leaky sink, to how to tie-dye a pair of tights, to making your own butter, to learning how to skateboard.  If you ever wondered about how to do something yourself, I'd put money down that it's in this book.

A few art projects are calling my name - gotta have them done by Thursday!  Till next time loves.   xx

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  1. What a great outfit! I'm loving the elbow patches an the cardigan! Your book sounds really interesting too; I love diy and "how to" books!

  2. i love that sweater! and the whole outfit, actually! so cute! that book looks so neat— i'm gonna go check it out on amazon now.


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