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Monday, October 01, 2012

Breathes of Lace

dress //  forever 21   cardigan //  target   tights & booties //  dsw

Happy October!  I can't believe it's finally here.  Of course, it's not, really, yet.  Today it was a whopping 95º.  Out of nowhere we got this heat wave and it's not going to let up for at least until the end of this week.  Summer may be my favorite season, but I'm ready for some cooler weather, hence this outfit!  This dress was a complete impulse buy, even with only fifty bucks in my checking account.  I almost said no to this dress after 15 minutes of indecision, but finally gave in with the logic that I could return it if I really didn't like it after a test run.  Today was the "test run" and it's definitely staying in my closet!  I love that thing so much, and it will be seeing lots of fall this season.

Since today was so hot, my friend Emily (the same one I'm teaching to knit!) and I went out for a bite of ice cream, after having an extremely productive photo shoot (if you're reading this Emily, I know you're chuckling a bit at that!) - the products of which you will see soon in my Etsy shop!  I am slowly but surely reviving it for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.  Also, photo creds go to Emily for most of these pictures!

I know.  We're so hot.  It's a wonder we haven't been booked as models.  xx

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  1. Both of your outfits are so cute, and I love the silly faces. What fun is taking pictures if you can't be silly?!


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