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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pink Warmth

scarf, jacket, & skirt | forever 21

Just cause I love y'all so much, I went out last night to take these pictures, even though the sun had already gone down and after being at school for seven hours I just wanted to make a drink and put my feet up.  But I didn't.  Because I know how important your outfit post reads are to you.

Also, I'm madly in love with this skirt (madly) and wanted to broadcast it across the interwebs.

But mostly because I love you.

Seriously though, what is not to love about this skirt?  It's pink, pink ombré at that!, and it's a high-low skirt.  Nothing is not to love about it, that's what.  I got it last week on my Forever 21 spring spree, and have been itching to wear it since.  Rainstorms and windy days had kind of thrown a wrench in my plans though, so yesterday was the soonest big reveal day.  Let me tell you, after months of wearing jeans and dress/tight combos, wearing a skirt on a cloudless, sunny, 65º day was heaven.

Also for funsies, I included a "then and now" picture, taken 5.5 years apart.  And because I know it's going to be your very first thought when you see it, that's not my hair.  I'm standing in front of a hanging plant.  So don't freak out, cause I know you'll want to.  

Have you broken out any skirts for spring yet?  I'm biting at the bit for summer and more of these warm outfits!   xx

ps.  if you're wondering, still no word from ucsc; I'm checking religiously, and I'll mention it as soon as I hear anything!
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  1. what a fun skirt and perfect springy outfit!

  2. Very nice skirt - also the pictures still came out pretty great for night time. I love this idea of pictures 5.5 years apart. I bet there are a lot of photos that I have taken to myself over again. Going to find that Carrie Underwood song now...


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