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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Glimmer & Glitz

jacket, shirt, and shorts // forever 21   purse // ebay   tights // payless   boots // dsw

Let me preface this by saying it has been a really, really long week.  Yes, I am aware that it is only Wednesday..  It's been that long of a week.  :(  Midterms have been brutal, and they're not even half over for me yet..!  I've also been having a really rough time with personal things, so that's also why I've been so absent here on the blog.  I haven't even been up for outfit pictures!  Except for today.  But that's just because I love these tights so much.  :)

If you remember, last month I first showcased this purse, and promised it would make it into future outfit posts - well, here it is!  I still love this thing to death, even though it's starting to become a little rough around the edges from the miles I'm putting on it...!  Even though fall and winter are my least favorite seasons, I'm quite excited for fall weather and the fasions that come with it.  <3   xx

PS.  The fourth season of The Vampire Diaries premieres tomorrow (Thursday) night - is anyone else as excited as me??!

PPS. I didn't notice this until it was mentioned, but my belt isn't yellow like it appears; it's a similar color to my shorts, but really shiny! (You can kinda see it in the third to last picture)

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  1. So pretty Megan! I love the yellow belt! and of course those gorgeous tights!



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