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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pinpricks of Light

top // modcloth   shorts & cardigan //  forever 21   boots //  macy's

I ordered this top a few weeks ago from Modcloth, and it just arrived last week!  I got an email from them saying the stock for this shirt was almost out, so what do I do?  Snatch one up, of course!  This is my first Peter Pan collared shirt, and it's so lovely.  I'm not quite sold on the way it hangs naturally on me, but when it's tucked in it's not so bad, so maybe I'll keep it.  Clothes always look so much better on a skinny little model, why is that?!

The SF Giants are in the middle of Game 4 of the World Series as I type this, and it's a nail-biting game!  Our boys have been dominating Detroit and not letting them score the last few games, so when the tigers hit two runs in the first few innings, it's a little worrisome... Hopefully they'll pull it off and sweep Detroit!  Who are you rooting for?   xx

currently listening to.. // Game 4 of the World Series 2012!


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