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Monday, July 25, 2011

"Tie-Dye" Pillow Case

     Hello all- hope your week's been lovely!  I spent most of last week poolside, drinking cream soda and enjoying the (finally) hot summer sun.  It had been raining off and on here, until early last month..  Very uncharacteristic for California.
     As promised, a post about updates on my gray tote - and, a new project I started while in Sonoma.  As for the tote, all the knitting has ceased, and the piece measures 16"w x18"h on both sides.  I used a backstitch to sew the side seams, and thats where I am now with it.  I am actually very pleased about the seams - previously, I had never used any specific technique; since I mostly knit for myself, as long as A and B were connected, I never minded the way it looked.  But, since I wanted to learn all the skills needed to make a replica of the pattern, I learnt the backstitch and let me tell you, I am not looking back.  It is ridiculously simple to do, after one masters the confusing-sounding instructions, not to mention that the seam looks, well, seamless.
     I'm including pictures of the images provided in my book, along with, as you can see, my replicas.

     Below are pictures taken in sunlight and artificial light, to mimic as much as possible how the colors change in different lights.  This was by far my hardest subject to shoot (I've been a photographer for almost five years, so trust me, this is saying a lot) in terms of ensuring that the colors I saw transferred accurately to the camera.  So, after about 40 minutes of trial and error with my white balance, this is the result.  And about as close as I will ever get to the yarn's actual color.  It is an absolutely gorgeous blend of purples, blues, and sea greens.  I fell in love with it the second I saw it.  Before it was wound, it reminded me of tie-dye, hence my title for this project.  But, who couldn't love it?  210 yards of 100% merino wool for a whopping $10.85.  I had to buy two!
     This project is also knitted in one piece.  The specifications fit a 16" square pillow, which you see here. The piece is about 17" if the edges are rolled out, and at the moment it is 14" long.  Just about halfway there.  The ribbing seen at the base of the pillow will not be seen by looking at the front - it will be met in the middle of the back of the case by the other end of the knitting.
     I so wish it were possible to transmit the feel and texture of something across the internet; this fabric is to die for.  Not to pat myself on the back, but it was such a good idea to use worsted merino wool for a pillow case - it is amazingly soft! I literally can't stop touching it.
     Here is the manufacturer's website, in case you would like a skein (or three!) of their absolutely stunning yarn: Malabrigo Yarn.
     There are three retailers of this yarn nearby me, so if you would like this pillow case knitted in this color (Whales Road) or a different one, please feel free to contact me about it!  My email is megancooper13@ymail.com.
     Happy Monday!

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