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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Strawberry Lemonade

     ...is seriously the best Jamba Juice flavor.  Ever.  I had my two wisdom teeth pulled yesterday morning (40 hours ago, actually), and Will was sweet enough to bring this down for me to drink/slightly chew on.  For those of you who are reading my blog for the first time, Will is my boyfriend of 11 months.  Today, actually.
     Anyway, to those of you with this surgery either in your near or distant future: fear not.  I have a pretty low pain tolerance (even the doubles in my ears stung pretty badly when I had them pierced), and I have had no pain whatsoever, so far. There is slight discomfort, but considering the size of the tooth they had to saw in half just to get out of my jaw, I'd say it's extremely managable.  Especially considering that I was expecting pain more toward a 7 on the pain scale.
     So, life's been pretty good.  I'm allowed to eat as much pudding, jello, ice cream and mashed potatos as I want, which = heaven.  Total.  Bliss.
     Plus, it was ridiculously amazing to fall asleep for seemingly two seconds before I heard voices saying that I was starting to wake up.  You know those movies or TV shows who show a patient's perspective of waking up after surgery, and the camera "blinks" as everything slowly comes into focus?  I had no idea how accurate they depicted it - it literally was just like that.  Really trippy, if you ask me.  Which the drugs they gave me totally weren't.  I've never done drugs before, and to tell you the truth, I was secretly a little excited to be hopped up on Vicodin for a few days.  All it's done, though, is make me super irritated.  Which is irritating in and of itself... A vicious circle, I tell you.
     Sorry to ramble, but I kinda just feel like blogging about nonsense - that's how bored I am.  It fills the loneliness a bit, as if I were talking to someone.  Which is absurd, of course, since basically no one reads this anyway...
     So with that done, I will update you on my pillow case.  It is now at 26", and a measly 5" to go.  Which is a lot more than you'd think, because on size 5 needles, 1" is equivalent to seven rows.  And 35 rows seems like a million hours away.  I have the next two days off of work to "recover" from my surgery, and I hope to god I finish this thing by then.  It's been 8 days, and already I'm tired of it... Honestly, I have the worst finishing-a-project syndrome.  Must be a mild case of ADD.

xo Megan

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