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Friday, July 08, 2011

     Really amazing news! Okay, not drop-everything-and-run amazing news, but still exciting nontheless: I have found the most gorgeous yarn at - of all places - Michael's Arts and Crafts!  I was there yesterday buying size 15 needles for a new project (post to come later, after the "Birds of a Feather" bag is done) and I happened to walk past this yarn.  Instantly, the fuzz on the yarn caught my eye, along with the extremely beautiful and vibrant colors.  I have the worst addiction to buying yarn - 90% of the time I will purchase multiple skeins (sometimes of different colors or textures altogether), without a single project in mind.  This being the reason I stood in the middle of the aisle (literally) weighing the possibility of buying this particular yarn.  I was absolutely sold on the color and texture (I'd bought lesser -grade and -colors on a whim in the past), but as I only had $70 to last me for another week (including the bill I had yet to pay for the monthly data plan on my phone), I hesitated for a moment.
     But, only for a moment.  That was when I saw the price tag. This gorgeous yarn is lace, and although it is only 3 oz., it is 498 yards long. Would anyone care to take a guess on what it was selling for? $4.99.  My face literally looked like O.O when I noticed the tag.  I'd never worked with lace before, but let me tell you, it is absolutely my new favorite texture, and will be so for quite a long time.  It's been 24 hours since I bought the yarn, and I still firmly believe this is the best investment I've made in a skein of yarn, ever.

     Of course, I wanted to knit a swatch to show you all, instead of just posting a picture of the skein, but I worked a 10x10 rib (about 14" long) on size 2 needles for more than an hour and my results are shown in the pictures below.  The yarn varigates much too slowly, and I still had many yards left of the same purpleish-brown color before it changed to red, so I gave up.  I think I know what I want to use this yarn for, so when I make headway on knitting that (hopefully sometime in the near future), you will be the first to see pictures of it.

xo Megan



  1. I can totally relate. Love the premise of the blog... Can't wait to see your completed projects!


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