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Monday, July 04, 2011

A Day of Cotton Candy, Screaming Kids, and Fireworks

July 4, 2011
©Megan Cooper
    Hi guys! I am writing from the Marin County Fair, on a set of bleachers waiting for the pig(let) races to start. It's been absolutely sweltering today, and by 7 PM it's still less than ideal.
    This year's theme is "Celebrating the Golden Gate Bridge - 75 Years" and I had amazing aerial photos of the bridge that I was planning to submit, but of course, I was a dumbass and forgot all about entering my pictures by the fair's deadline. It was definitely a huge bummer seeing work just as good (and, I have to admit, some not as good) as mine hanging on five different walls, being viewed by hundreds of people.
    Anyhow, rides still have yet to be ridden, and after that I'll be staking out a spot somewhere around the huge pond where fireworks are set off around 9 PM. The pig races are about to begin - see ya later!

xo Megan
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